adb with wifi

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adb with wifi

Unread postby synportack24 » Wed Nov 11, 2015 11:54 am

Found this to be helpful figured I would share:

In Android
Open terminal and type the following (note: su might require you to allow root permission)
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setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555
stop adbd
start adbd

this allows for TCP debugging on port 5555, setting the port to -1 will turn of TCP debugging and default back to USB. While you on you're android device take not of it's IP.

On the Computer
open terminal and type the following, assume the android device has an ip of
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adb tcpip 5555
adb connect
adb devices

this will tell adb to restart the daemon and listen on port 5555, then attempt to connect to the android device. The last command is not needed but is helpful and will list all connected devices. Past this you can use adb shell or debugger from Android Studio as normal.
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Re: adb with wifi

Unread postby Phoenix9653 » Wed Dec 02, 2015 3:22 am

Thanks i was wondering how to init adb over wifi w/o hooking up to a cord first. Thank you
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Re: adb with wifi

Unread postby odroid » Wed Dec 02, 2015 9:47 am

Yes! This guide is really useful. My table is much clearer than before. :D
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