Installing Googleapps Playstore only

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Installing Googleapps Playstore only

Unread postby unic » Sat Sep 19, 2015 7:11 pm


I've want to only have the google Playstore and not all other Googleapps on my odroid c1+

Here is what ive done:

Download the "Pico Universal Package" from here (you can try the other packages to, if you want more google experience):

Name of the file I used: pa_gapps-modular-pico(uni)

Now you need to extract the file and copy some files to the systempartition. There are several was to do it. You can simply copy the files from your Computer to the partition or use "adb push" command to do it.
I used "paragon ExtFS" (u need to register, but its free) to mount the linuxpartitions on my Windowsmachine.

0. Make a Backup. You may need to overwrite files and maybe you will brick you installation :)
1. Now Copy the content of "Core/required" to the system partition (1. Partition - where you found folders like app, etc, framework, privapp)
2. copy the priv-app folder from GMSCore/0 and the lib-folder from GMSCore/common into the same partition.
3. Copy bksyncapp and calsync apks to the appfolder in the systempartition.

If you need to overwrite files do it.

Please be aware that this need further testing, as for example i have a longer boottime after installing this.

Unoumt the partitions and use the playstore :)
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