3DPonics news (open-source U3 project)

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3DPonics news (open-source U3 project)

Post by robroy »

3DPonics, which was featured in an ODROID Magazine article last year, uses the ODROID-U3 as part of its setup. It's a free, open-source hydroponics system that you can 3D print in your own home and grow vegetables and fruits for cheap :)

3Dponics Inc. to Launch New 3D-Modeling Tool

OTTAWA, ONT. (WEB) March 4, 2015 –3Dponics Inc. is set to launch 3Dcreative.ly, a next-generation 3D-modeling tool that features a number of new and exciting functionalities that give users complete creative control over their digital files.

With 3Dcreative.ly, users can upload and modify any static digital files from Thingiverse (or any other file sharing marketplace). They can also create 3D objects from scratch using the shapes and structures preloaded in the app's Library of Shapes. The most significant feature that differentiates 3Dcreative.ly from its competitors is that it is intended for a mass consumer market, meaning that anyone, regardless of age, skillset or prior 3D-modeling experience, will be able to use it.

3Dcreative.ly is the extension of the original 3Dponics Customizer, an app that allows users to create custom parts for their personal indoor gardens. Both apps are available on any platform—iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, Windows Phone—and in any browser. No plugins required.

“Given its intuitive design, 3Dcreative.ly will appeal to a wide range of people—from rapid prototyping professionals, designers and makers to teachers, students and practically anyone who wants to bring his or her ideas to life,” said Michael Golubev, Founder and CEO of 3Dponics. He is confident that the user-friendly tool will help bring 3D printing into the mainstream.

3Dcreative.ly is set to be released later this year. Currently, the company is looking for beta testers. Any person or company interested should contact Michael Golubev (contact info. below).

3Dponics Inc. was founded in Ottawa, Canada, and now expanding to San Francisco, California, 3Dponics Inc. is the creator the first 3D-printable hydroponics system. Since its humble beginnings on Kickstarter, the company has emerged as a leader and innovator in the 3D-printing market space, connecting makers, educators and students, engineers, and urban farmers with each other on the 3Dponics community on Google+ and giving them the tools to use 3D-printing technology to its fullest.

Contact: Michael Golubev, Founder & CEO
Phone: (613) 916-6598 | Email: michael@3dponics.com
Rob Roy, Editor-in-Chief of ODROID Magazine (submit an article | make a donation)

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