Any case mods for this available?

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Any case mods for this available?

Post by Bizzo »

I find the buttons are far too small for my fingers and my hands cramp easily, I'm going to do RGC's mod for the thumbsticks, I'm also thinking a clip on mod for an xbox controller would doable (but a bit cumbersome). Also I notice the speakers are a bit weak (I'm using Jelos - if that is that is a known driver issue, I'm not sure)...

But the the case mods I can find through googling are either self print or no longer existing storefronts.

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Re: Any case mods for this available?

Post by mad_ady »

Jelos developers said an update is in the works to fix audio.

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Re: Any case mods for this available?

Post by notime2d8 »


Someone modded their ogs which has the same case.

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