SSD not recognized after reboot from kernel 5.18.0

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SSD not recognized after reboot from kernel 5.18.0

Post by arnysch »

The SSD is recognized in all kernels, but no longer when rebooting from a 5.18.0 kernel.

Details: Problem occurs
  • In Petitboot running from SPI (kernel 4.19.219-odroid-arm64), or in any system then started by Petitboot
  • Only after reboot, not after cold boot (poweron)
  • Only when before kernel 5.18.0-odroid-arm64 was run, e.g. Debian 11 (Bullseye),
    not when only kernel 4.19.219-odroid-arm64 was run before
  • With an Intel 545s SATA SSD (firmware LHF004C, seems to be latest), not with a Crucial BX500
  • The attached SATA SSD is not used (mounted) by the systems with 5.18.0 kernel
Okay, we could claim that the problem is the SSD from Intel.
But kernel 4.19.219 seems to be more robust; it perfectly works with the Intel 545s.
Wondering if the newer kernel drivers use more "aggressive" methods for accessing the Intel SSD.
Or maybe there exists a profound reset method for the SATA controller which could be included in the U-Boot initialization code?

From the Petitboot dmesg after rebooting from 5.18.0 (full dmesg in attached file dmesg-OnReboot-petitboot.txt):

Code: Select all

[    0.737126] ahci fc800000.sata: Looking up target-supply from device tree
[    0.737141] ahci fc800000.sata: Looking up target-supply property in node /sata@fc800000 failed
[    0.737260] ahci fc800000.sata: forcing port_map 0x0 -> 0x1
[    0.737309] ahci fc800000.sata: AHCI 0001.0300 32 slots 1 ports 6 Gbps 0x1 impl platform mode
[    0.737320] ahci fc800000.sata: flags: ncq sntf pm led clo only pmp fbs pio slum part ccc apst 
[    0.737338] ahci fc800000.sata: port 0 is not capable of FBS
[    0.738592] scsi host0: ahci
[    0.739094] ata1: SATA max UDMA/133 mmio [mem 0xfc800000-0xfc800fff] port 0x100 irq 11
[   10.785417] ata1: softreset failed (device not ready)
[   20.832078] ata1: softreset failed (device not ready)
[   31.388746] ata1: link is slow to respond, please be patient (ready=0)
[   55.868778] ata1: softreset failed (device not ready)
[   55.869391] ata1: limiting SATA link speed to 3.0 Gbps
[   58.080074] ata1: SATA link down (SStatus 1 SControl 320)
Starting Petitboot on powerup - no error
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After powerup, running kernel 5.18.0 - no error
(37.41 KiB) Downloaded 3 times
Rebooting to Petitboot - SATA error
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After reboot, running any kernel - error!
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For showing that the problem does not occur with the Crucial SSD
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