one is not like the others

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one is not like the others

Post by fvolk » Mon Jun 22, 2020 4:45 am

With diskless netboot finally working, I set up my cluster of C4s.
All have a microSD with just a single, minimal boot script file that loads kernel+dtb from TFTP, this section looks like:
setenv autoload no
setenv serverip 192.168.1.xx
tftp ${kernel_addr} ${bootfile}
tftp ${fdt_addr} ${fdtfile}
and server side I see in log:
dnsmasq-dhcp[2818]: 105392093 DHCPDISCOVER(eth0) 00:1e:06:xx:xx:xx
dnsmasq-dhcp[2818]: 105392093 vendor class: U-Boot.armv8
dnsmasq-tftp[2818]: sent /diskless/c2/Image to 192.168.1.yyy
dnsmasq-tftp[2818]: sent /diskless/c2/meson-sm1-odroid-c4.dtb to 192.168.1.yyy
and this works on all my C4s .... except on one C4. :-/
One C4 does not want to diskless boot, it gets stuck in:
22:10:29 dnsmasq-dhcp[2818]: 105392573 DHCPDISCOVER(eth0) 00:1e:06:xx:xx:xx
22:10:29 dnsmasq-dhcp[2818]: 105392573 vendor class: U-Boot.armv8
22:11:28 dnsmasq-tftp[2818]: failed sending /diskless/c2/Image to 192.168.1.yyy
22:11:55 dnsmasq-tftp[2818]: failed sending /diskless/c2/meson-sm1-odroid-c4.dtb to 192.168.1.yyy
Uboot calls DHCP, requests the correct files, but this transfer fails.
After one minute TFTP gives up with an error.

I swapped microSD cards between C4s.
I tried different microSD cards brands.
I erased and wrote a new microSD card from scratch.
I swapped network cables.
I swapped position on network switch.
I swapped power supply (cable).
I rebooted network switch/modem/router.
...but this one C4 does NOT boot from network.
However, this one DOES boot without problems from local files and the official images.

The workaround for now is to copy kernel Image and dtb locally on microSD and patch the script on this one to
load mmc ${devno}:1 ${kernel_addr} ${bootfile}
load mmc ${devno}:1 ${fdt_addr} ${fdtfile}
On every upgrade all nodes need no local changes, except this one where I have to update these two files manually - I hope I don't forget.

My only idea is this one C4 has some manufacturing tolerance that network somehow fails.
It is not a warranty case because otherwise it works just fine.

...but if you have an idea what makes this one C4 different, I would like to hear it, I'm running out of ideas.
(and now I'm considering to order another C4 AND also finally an USB UART... another ~100 EUR.... *sigh*)

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