Unstable experience with odroid-hc4

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Unstable experience with odroid-hc4

Post by danbru1211 »


I'm running a odroid-hc4 cluster with around 20 nodes, they run archlinuxarm (to be able to run ceph 17.2.0).

The boot process seems very unstable to me, when I power on all of them, only half of them get up on the network, usb keyboard does not work on any of them (but works in petitboot).

These odroids sometimes need 5-6 power cycles until the network finally starts working. usb is then still not working.

I have noticed that some odroid stop blinking the cursor at the login prompt (like frozen) and the ethernet leds also just freeze, when I unplug the ethernet cable the ethernet led goes off, when I replug it again it does not come up again.

Any ideas how to make this boot process rock solid? I cannot reboot any of them remotely as they never come up again.

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Re: Unstable experience with odroid-hc4

Post by tobetter »

When you say half of them are freeze, is their blue LED blinks? What's the kernel version? Please share the output of "uname -a" . Also wondering if OS is installed to SD or not.

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