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Coleco - Retro Arena V2.3 - Every ROM returns to menu.

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 1:38 pm
by SarahC
J:\opt\libretro\bluemsx\Machines\COL - ColecoVision

The path has the coleco.rom in it, and a config.ini
The config.ini reads:

Enable CMOS=0
Battery Backed=0
vram size=16kB
[Subslotted Slots]
slot 0=0
slot 1=0
slot 2=0
slot 3=0
[External Slots]
slot A=1 0
slot B=1 0
Z80 Frequency=3579545Hz
0 0 0 1 20 "Machines/COL - ColecoVision/coleco.rom" ""
0 0 3 1 93 "" ""

I can't see any errors on the screen when I try loading a game. All 287 ROMS are .COL files, and they're running on the ODriod-Go just fine, so that rules out ROM issue...

Can I hook my Windows machine up to see Log outputs?
I've got Paragon's Linux file read/writer so I can view log files within the SD card, if anything will be logged on there?

Many thanks for your help!