Need to mount the control sticks for OGAS

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Need to mount the control sticks for OGAS

Post by putputer »

So I had to replace the sticks on my old first issue Super since they were pretty bad, but the tiny black plastic mounting bracket that goes on the back of the board for one of the control sticks is gone. It's just gone. Lost it somewhere or it might have fallen in the trash, I don't know. I can't find it. Anyway, I need to find a way to mount the sticks to the board using the very tiny screws somehow. I contacted Odroid and they can't deliver or sell me any parts or pieces unless I spend the $100 for a new OGAS.

Does anyone know the size of the screws so I can possibly use a nut and washer or does anyone know of a 3D print for the mounting board?

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Re: Need to mount the control sticks for OGAS

Post by odroid »

It is a self tapping screw 1.7mm x 6mm.
We have no 3D data of the black plastic parts.

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