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Re: RetroOZ WIP

Post by jackboa82 »

Good day,

Recently i used OGS for Retrooz 0.60. All works well on OGS. I also put same SD card on OGA and it was fine for a time being. However recently I put back card on OGA and it boots up into Emulation station and there is no reaction to buttons.
So I built from scratch from fresh image on OGA, and same issue, on OGS all works well for both old and fresh images. If I load batocera or recalbox controls work well for both OGA and OGS devices.

Additionally when I launch controls tester via SSH on OGA (retrooz os) it is fine, I see the buttons reaction on remote ssh window, but when I load emulation station it stuck.
I would like to run retrooz back on OGA, what shall I check/troubleshoot ?
Moreover after loading emulation station on OGA , there is still screensaver active and when i hit any button that time it returns to emulation station system selection, volume up/down buttons and brightness still works, but there is no navigation possible (d-pad,analog and controls do not work), is there any recommended image specific for OGA, or there is universal one for all devices ?
Many thanks in advance for any hints.

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