About Clone devices

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About Clone devices

Post by odroid »

We announced the ODROID-Go Advance in 2019 and the ODROID-Go Super in 2020 respectively.
We believe it was an innovative development with a lot of resources invested using the RK3326 chipset, which could not be found in existing retro gaming devices at that time frame.
However, many cloned devices appeared quickly, and our investment was meaningless, and our will to create new and innovative gaming devices became very weak.
So, in the future, support and mention of clone gaming devices on this forum is prohibited and will be removed without notice.
Please understand this situation.
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Re: About Clone devices

Post by rooted »

Understandably so.

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Re: About Clone devices

Post by PikachuEXE »

Very hard to prevent those cheap guys from cloning design...
I hate it :(

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