Yet another USB / VCC5V issue

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Yet another USB / VCC5V issue

Post by kruz »

Hi, I've recently bought a pre owned N2 4G rev 0.4 to run HASS, it was working absolutely fine till yesterday when all of a sudden the USB ports stopped working.
The red led is off and there is no 5v on pin 2 of the GPIO.
I'd like to try to fix this issue with some microsoldering guy locally so I'm asking here for help to trace down the faulty part(s).
I've checked the schematics and it seem that U12 is gone, no 5v out of its pin 5.
Would it be safe to assume that replacing it will fix the issue?
Do I need to check any other component around it?
Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

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Re: Yet another USB / VCC5V issue

Post by mad_ady »

See if this is relevant in your case:
There are also some schematics on the wiki.

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