I2S Input to HDMI I2S LVDS Output Module and Linear Power Supply

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I2S Input to HDMI I2S LVDS Output Module and Linear Power Supply

Post by Navin »

Instead of using an RPi 4, I am looking to use an Odroid N2+ for a media server/player. The N2+ would offer more computing power and hence I might be able to run Jellyfin or Plex with transcoding (from 4K to 720p) on the Odroid N2+. Transcoding is something the RPi 4 cannot do for lack of computing muscle.

I found that the Odroid N2 does not offer I2S output (clock and data) via the GPIO but does have an output via J7.
https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-n2/appli ... ector/7pin

Can the I2S LVDS Output Module below be used with the Odroid N2+ (via the above-mentioned J7) to provide an I2S output (LVDS on HDMI cable)?
https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/diy-inte ... 13418.html

What are the possible challenges I will have? I intend to connect the Odroid N2+ to the I2s input on a Gustard X16 DAC.
https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/dac-with ... 14893.html

Additionally, what is a good Linear Power supply for the Odroid N2 board?

The alternate solution is to use an RPi 4 and the hardware below
https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDo ... alV3.1.pdf
https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDo ... erV2.0.pdf
https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDo ... Manual.pdf
Power supply
https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDo ... Manual.pdf
https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDo ... Manual.pdf
https://github.com/iancanada/DocumentDo ... Manual.pdf

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Re: I2S Input to HDMI I2S LVDS Output Module and Linear Power Supply

Post by odroid »

The ODROID-N2+ J7 I2S interface was tested with a generic DAC PCM5102.
https://wiki.odroid.com/accessory/sound ... oom_bonnet

But we have no idea if it can transfer raw DSD stream or not. We've used only PCM data.
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