sudo apt password for Ordoid N2+

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sudo apt password for Ordoid N2+

Post by abhaygmat2016 »

Hi all,

SBC noob here. Just got an Ordroid N2+. Could someone help me figure out the sudo apt password for installing stuff on it? When I booted it up, it didn't give me any prompts to create a user id etc. There seems to be a bunch of default user IDs depending on the os I want to use (all Linux oses). Please help me out.
Thank you.

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Re: sudo apt password for Ordoid N2+

Post by L67GS »

Should be "odroid", that's the standard issue pwd

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Re: sudo apt password for Ordoid N2+

Post by mctom »

Yup, the username and password are "odroid" by default. The same you used for login, I presume.

You can change the user's password with passwd command.

Don't be bothered by other user accounts, in Linux world user accounts are often used to introduce custom sets of privileges.
It's not unusual to see a program running as a dedicated user, so it's not running as root needlessly. Some users currently working on my machine include avahi, boinc, distcc, ntp, rpc. All these accounts are only for running programs they're named after.

EDIT: OK now I understand what you meant - every OS image seems to have a different default login and password. Well, yeah, there's no standard for that (And I've heard the default password is going to be banned in EU pretty soon).
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Re: sudo apt password for Ordoid N2+

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