kodi 18.5 performances

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kodi 18.5 performances

Post by tonyhouse »

Hi all,
I started using this board to replace my raspberry pi3b+
board is connected on a tv and has some services active
  • nginx (nexcloud instance)
  • mysql (library database/nextcloud db)
  • kodi (as a system service)
and it is connected with 2 usb 4TB disks 2,5" (I use only one of them and the other is always unmounted: it is mounted automatically only when rsnapshot will do the scheduled backup and then is unmounted)

I have the official minimal ubuntu 18.04LTS with all upgrades.

with the 2 disks attached directly on the onboard usb, when I reboot the board I have blank page and no ssh login available (board keep rebooting in an endless loop I think) the only way to boot it up is to disconnect the drives.
maybe board on boot doesn't give enough power to feed the disks?
I resolved attaching a powered hub and disks are connected to that hub, problem solved (but the hub is not usb3 so I loose some speed on transfers)

then I started to use kodi as a mediacenter
I use nfs share link into library so I can use the same library on multiple kodi instances, but in the case of odroid I'm using a nfs share on a local disk.
playback of the video is smoother than raspberry (I think gpu can render more FPS)
sometimes the video freeze and then restart after a while going ffwd until it reaches a point and then playback is continued normally
this happens every 5-10 minutes
and this is written into kodi.log
a lot of lines like this
WARNING: ActiveAE - large audio sync error: -14514.267364
and then
WARNING: CRenderManager::WaitForBuffer - timeout waiting for buffer

is it a problem of buffer or kodi is not optimized with this distribution?
I never had such problems with raspberry and this is very strange because this board theoretically overperform raspberry in all areas....

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