Bare Metal Programming

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Bare Metal Programming

Post by avantyr »

Can you tell me what resources and IDEs/methods are supported for bare metal programming of the N2's S922X micro?
Can it be programmed directly through a port on the board or are you limiting these boards capabilities to only be Linux boards?

If so, I don't see the point of releasing the uProcessor datasheets when you don't give people the resources to use them...

Should I look for a different board that is more electronic-engineer friendly or are these resources available somewhere?


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Re: Bare Metal Programming

Post by meveric »

The N2 is not a micro processor, it's like a "Real PC" just a different architecture, so it's running on an arm64 processor instead of a amd64 processor.
Aside from that there is not much of a difference to a regular PC.
If you have C++ code you just compile it on the system and it runs, if you have C# code you run it with Mono, you can run java code and so on..

Youd don't programm for the "processor" you programm for the OS that is running on your system.

Since there is no Windows Install CD for arm64 and no Windows drivers for arm64 you're limited to different variants of Linux, not cause the vendor "limits you to use linux" but cause there is no drivers or anything available from other operating systems.

Once again, this is not a micro controller such as an arduino board.. this is a PC!
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Re: Bare Metal Programming

Post by elatllat »

Just to clarify that, one can do Bare Metal Programming on a PC, there is just no RoI to reinvent the OS. The middle ground is
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