What I used my H3+ for at work

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What I used my H3+ for at work

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So it's been a while since I've been here but I wanted to share what I did at my work with the community.

In the middle of August of 2023, I spoke with the IT division of my company and received permission to set up the VMS (Video Monitoring Software) that we were using on a Windows 10 pro Boot/Partition.

I then requisitioned then received Two WD 18TB Purple hard drives (https://www.westerndigital.com/en-ca/pr ... =WD181PURP) to save the data that the 12 to 16 cameras that would be attached to the Odroid's VMS via the company's network. At the height of the test, we had 16 cameras that were all recording footage 1080p @ 30FPS (We did have a few running at 4k and one at 8k). The high-performance test lasted for around a month of 24/7 recording of footage to the two HDD's that were connected to the ODroid by the onboard SATA ports. From the end of September to the end of December the Odroid H3+ handled the load quite well with 7 cameras attached.

We did not use the software VCA's (Video content analytics) as the company did not want to pay for the next level of license, but the Odroid's onboard Video did have 24 or 32 Cuda cores allowing it to use the VMS's Software VCA (Facial Recognition).

I used the 19V x 7A Adaptor, 8Gb x2 Memory Cards and a 500Gb M.2 NVME drive for the OS and VMS (And some Utilities).

Was interesting to do this as the Odroid had better performance then the HP proliant servers we were using at the time. Also making a server with the Odroid H3+ that would (At the time) cost around 1500$ CND (both HDD that were attached to the Odroid cost over 550$ CND and my Odroid including Shipping from Korea cost me around 300$)
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