Running PfSense on H2

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Running PfSense on H2

Post by dr-rox »

One of big reasons I got H2 is ability to make it as a router. So I got latest PfSense 2.4.4, flashed to USB and installed. And it looks good with default install. I've read it has some troubles with Realtek drivers and ships with some unstable ones. I did few iPerf runs and got results between 875-941 mbits/s - all looking good. So should I do something with Realtek drivers or the default installation picks up good ones? I've read somewhere it's good to install some "ra" package to get best network performance.

Edit: Well, I kept running iperf again and again and the speed settled for ~840 for a longer time. Maybe I need to install something more than a default drivers?
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Re: Running PfSense on H2

Post by PigLover »

IIRC the Realtek issues with PfSense are quite date and the current release has the good drivers already installed. Could be wrong though. You’ll get much better feedback by searching the pfsense forum than you will get posting here.

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Re: Running PfSense on H2

Post by gordone »

What version of Pfsense are you using Dr-rox ?

I have problem with 2.4.4-RELEASE-p3 (amd64).


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Re: Running PfSense on H2

Post by powerful owl »

pfSense still recommend Intel NICs on their website. However I read that the Realtek issue can be triggered with iperf. This exciting graph is 10 minutes worth of iperf from LAN->WAN measured every 10 seconds, throughput is similar to @dr-rox and so far I haven't been able to trigger anything. I guess I wonder if running this for a day would prove anything one way or t'other (thoughts?)


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