H4 pfSense with eMMC

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H4 pfSense with eMMC

Post by randydeb »

Currently I have a H3+ running with M.2 SSD attached running Home Assistant without any problems.

Now I plan to buy a H4 Plus to build a pfSense router/firewall.

As the Net Card v2 seems to use the M.2 Slot, I'm looking into alternatives for the OS storage.
Seems the only remaining options are eMMC or SATA.

When using SATA it would require the type 3 casing instead of the type 2, so I'm looking for more info on the eMMC.

The eMMC is bit confusing to me.
I can flash an pre-installed OS to the eMMC using eMMC Module Writer 2, but can I also install an empty eMMC and install the OS using USB boot disc?

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Re: H4 pfSense with eMMC

Post by mctom »

eMMC is no different than SATA or PCIe drive. In fact many cheap laptops have eMMC storage these days.

You can put it in H4 and install OS on it.
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Re: H4 pfSense with eMMC

Post by mad_ady »

You don't need the emmc writer. You can flash the os on the emmc directly, by booting the H2/3/4 from a usb disk.
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