ODROID-H3 performance issues

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ODROID-H3 performance issues

Post by orecho »

it is very slow
I reinstalled win 10, didn't help!?
can anyone help?

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Re: ODROID-H3 performance issues

Post by mctom »

How slow is it and what makes you think it should be faster?
Have you got any benchmark results?

What did you install Windows on? NVMe drive?
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Re: ODROID-H3 performance issues

Post by mad_ady »

For me Windows felt as fast as it gets, but then again, I used to running it on old/low-spec hardware.

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Re: ODROID-H3 performance issues

Post by odroid »

Moved from XU4 sub-forum.

Anyway, check the following links.
1. You need to install Windows 10 22H2 or Windows 11 22H2 vesion.
2. Install some missing drivers : viewtopic.php?f=173&t=45654
3. Activate the Unlimited Performance mode : https://wiki.odroid.com/odroid-h3/hardw ... mance_mode

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