SATA TimeOut to low at startup

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SATA TimeOut to low at startup

Post by ThePhantom79 »


I use my Odroid H2+ as a NAS device with xpenology. Now I bought a new harddisk - Toshiba 18TB MG09ACA.
If I start the system from a cold boot. the new disk is not recognized by the BIOS / the OS anymore.
If I do a warm reboot (without sitch the odroid completly off), all works perfect.
This seems for me, that the BIOS do not wait long enogh, until the disk is copmpletly up and running ...
Is there a solution for this? A BIOS setting, that I cant find?

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Re: SATA TimeOut to low at startup

Post by odroid »

As far as I know, there is no such option in the BIOS settings.

Do you use this PSU? ... y-eu-plug/

Do you connect only one SATA storage device?

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Re: SATA TimeOut to low at startup

Post by mad_ady »

Not a graceful solution, but if you suspect it takes long for the disk to spin up, you can try to add PXE boot before booting from HDD. Assuming that you don't have a PXE server in your LAN, it should delay boot by at least 10s

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