Bios Raid option

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Bios Raid option

Post by schueni »


I am asking myself if I should enable the Raid option in the Bios. I installed FreeBSD on the Odroid H2 with zfs and a Raid 1 mirror. Both SSDs are connected via the sata ports. Right now I am using the ahci mode in the Bios.
After the installation I also tried the raid mode, but I didn't notice any difference. Seems like I can switch back and forward between these two modes.
Does anyone know what the raid mode in the bios is good for?

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Re: Bios Raid option

Post by marcel151 »

It's been a while, but I have the same question. The RAID option confuses me a little bit, since the H2 does not have a hardware RAID controller, or does it? Since I am also using a RAID 1, I went for RAID option. But I don't think it makes a difference. On my Desktop PC the HW RAID adapter is activated when choosing RAID.

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Re: Bios Raid option

Post by odroid »

Gemini Lake SoC internal SATA controller doesn't have any RAID function.

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