I am trying to program a game but...

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I am trying to program a game but...

Post by ErrorZer0 »

...I have no idea if I am doing it right :)

First of all I would like to say hello since I am brand new to the forum :)
Secondly I would like to mention that English is not my native language and I apologize already for any mistakes :)
So now to the topic.
I have recently received my Odroid Go and I am very happy with it. The emulators are great :D
But now I want to try to program a game and I read up a bit and tried to get something running with copy paste. Unfortunately I'm not that experienced in C programming so I'm not really doing well at the moment :P
At the beginning I had difficulties to update the screen fast, but then I found this library:

With this library it works better, but I think I use it completely wrong.
I wrote a small program that stores single tiles in an array and then displays them on the screen. The whole thing even works, but somehow it is a bit slow.

Could you possibly tell me where I could improve something or what I can read through so that I understand the whole thing better?

Here is my code:

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Re: I am trying to program a game but...

Post by odroid »

Try analyzing this great game source code to learn game programming.

You probably need a basic knowledge about "Tile and Sprite" with a better C programming skill.

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