Resources for writing own device drivers

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Resources for writing own device drivers

Unread post by vertexmachina » Fri Oct 04, 2019 8:41 am

I'm trying to create my own NES emulator for the ODROID-GO from scratch. By cross-referencing OtherCrashOverride's common code, the ODROID-GO wiki, and Espressif's documentation, I've created the code to interface with the SD card and the inputs and I understand it.

I'm now attempting to write the LCD driver but am hitting roadblocks when trying to understand OCO's code. He sets a lot of SPI configuration parameters and I don't know where he got them. For example, he has the following:

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devcfg.clock_speed_hz = LCD_SPI_CLOCK_RATE;
devcfg.mode = 0;                                //SPI mode 0
devcfg.spics_io_num = LCD_PIN_NUM_CS;               //CS pin
devcfg.queue_size = 7;                          //We want to be able to queue 7 transactions at a time
devcfg.pre_cb = ili_spi_pre_transfer_callback;  //Specify pre-transfer callback to handle D/C line
LCD_SPI_CLOCK_RATE is set to 40000000 - not sure where he got that.
SPI Mode 0 - not sure.
Queue Size - not sure

I feel like there must be some more documentation out there that I'm missing that discusses the ODROID-GO to LCD interface better than what is shown in the schematic on the wiki. I have the LCD datasheet, but it makes references to pins that are not shown in the ODROID-GO schematic.

In short, is there more documentation out there?


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Re: Resources for writing own device drivers

Unread post by rooted » Fri Oct 04, 2019 1:56 pm

I answered but see you are already referencing the esp32 documentation.

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Re: Resources for writing own device drivers

Unread post by ripper121 » Fri Oct 04, 2019 4:22 pm

Try the github search: ... _display.c
const int LCD_SPI_CLOCK_RATE = 40000000;
const gpio_num_t LCD_PIN_NUM_CS = GPIO_NUM_5; ... aster.html

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There are timing issue when reading at high frequency (the frequency is related to whether iomux pins are used, valid time after slave sees the clock).

In half-duplex mode, the driver automatically inserts dummy bits before reading phase to fix the timing issue. Set this flag to disable this feature.
In full-duplex mode, however, the hardware cannot use dummy bits, so there is no way to prevent data being read from getting corrupted. Set this flag to confirm that you’re going to work with output only, or read without dummy bits at your own risk.

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Re: Resources for writing own device drivers

Unread post by lordcy » Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:39 pm

I would be interested in installing this once done. The current nes emulators (Go-play or Retro ESP32) don't run or freeze with a few games. There is something both of these nes emulators aren't doing which is causing issues but I don't know how to debug to give any information. Please let me know when this firmware is available to install. Thanks!

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