Gameboy color buttons = goodness

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Gameboy color buttons = goodness

Post by majorjim »

I just swapped out the original buttons for gameboy color ones and the difference is massive! I had to cut down the legs a little but as the buttons themselves are shorter than the I think too long original ones the button feel is so much nicer now! Better than an original gameboy!
I highly recommend you swap them out.

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Re: Gameboy color buttons = goodness

Post by krnr »

I can absolutely confirm that. I also had to sand down the legs a bit. The feel is perfect. 8-)

That's how it looks:
IMG_20190512_175541.jpg (293.01 KiB) Viewed 908 times
IMG_20190512_175344.jpg (404.37 KiB) Viewed 908 times

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Re: Gameboy color buttons = goodness

Post by ripper121 »

Cool I also supported the micro Mages on Kickstarter ;)
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Re: Gameboy color buttons = goodness

Post by lordhardware »

Depending on where you bought them from, and also how lazy you are, the pegs are very soft plastic and you can just squeeze them a bit with pliers.

No sanding req.

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