Cloudshell2 Stock FAN Specifications? is it replacable?

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Cloudshell2 Stock FAN Specifications? is it replacable?

Unread post by SimonHayter » Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:21 am

Hey everyone!

Today I became a first-time owner of a Hardkernel device, woohoo! I received the XU4 Passive, Cloudshell2, eMMC Ubuntu this morning. I plan to setup the kit fully on the weekend when I have free time but until then I want to make sure I got everything I need. Upon opening the box my eyes fixated on the stock fan, looking at both the front and back of the fan there is no model, voltage or amps listed, almost like someone has taken the 'sticker' off! grrr!

Does anyone know the specifications of this fan? e.g:

Size: ?? viewing several threads I hear people have replaced them using 90mm fans but measuring the fan its actually 92mm?
Voltage: ?? I'm assuming its 12v?

I think I will replace the fan with a Noctua or something low RPM to keep the noise down, I know that you can use a script but I'd rather keep things software simple! will any 3pin fan 12v at 92mm or 90m do?

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Re: Cloudshell2 Stock FAN Specifications? is it replacable?

Unread post by odroid » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:21 am

You can find the cooling fan specification. ... ifications

There was no serious complaint about the cooling fan noise in CloudShell2 so far.
Please try the stock fan first before buying an expensive Noctua fan.

As far as I remember, only one user changed the fan only for a cosmetic purpose. ... pressions/

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Re: Cloudshell2 Stock FAN Specifications? is it replacable?

Unread post by crazyquark » Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:59 pm

I have successfully replaced the fan with a Noctua fan because I am quite sensitive to fan noise.

I used this fan:

For me the difference in noise is significant but I am not a reference human being :)) - should that be a thing. As per odroid's instructions you should wait before installing the system and see if the noise bothers you.
The HDDs make more noise than this fan(I use a WD Red 4TB and a WD Green 2TB).

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Re: Cloudshell2 Stock FAN Specifications? is it replacable?

Unread post by dbdbdb » Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:16 am

The stock fan on mine is VERY loud. Sounds like an enterprise server type fan in terms of noise, but it also puts out some serious air. I switched to the limiter board and the fan noise was barely louder than the hard drives own hum while running (it was a bit louder, but acceptable - my CS2 sits 2 feet from my ears (the fan 3 feet), so noise levels are important to me (keeping them low)

*** BE CAREFUL! The limiter gets VERY hot :) Duh, I know... I was trying to pull it apart after using it and my finger started hurting. I thought maybe it was hurting because I was pushing very hard on the mini pc board to get the fan off. Then I realized, FINGER HOT!!! FINGER BURNING!!! So, if you are messing with that board, give it time to cool down.

Now, I thought I could find something better. So first, I ordered some 92mm to 120mm adapters and planned to mount a 120mm fan outside of the case. Unfortunately due to the piece that installs over the fan (I believe piece (D) in the instructions ), it sticks out too far, so the adapter either won't line up in the holes, or the adapter will sit in such a way that it raises up the front end of the cloudshell 2. I could put some padding underneath the cloudshell2 to level it out with the 92mm to 120mm adapter, but nah. I don't want it any taller than it is.

So, taking the advice of someone else here, I ordered the Noctua NF-A9 FLX 92mm fan (about $16.xx, 12v fan but can run on 5v). The fan, at full speed, is definitely quiet, and I would say maybe a 1 to 2 dB quieter than the CS2 stock fan with limter board installed. So I decided to test it. I direct connected the Noctua fan to the Odroid Xu4Q, put the case together, and started monitoring temperatures:
My stock fan keeps the Odroid XU4Q between 39 and 41*C with the limiter board installed. I never tested it without the limiter board.
The Noctua NF-A9 allowed the XU4Q to steadily, climb to 50* C and then a slow-steady climb up to 56*C before leveling out for 10 minutes at 56*C and then one tick up to 57*C. I shut down the system at 57*C to replace the Noctua.

Again, both tests were done at idle - nothing going on, no transfers, not logged in, nothing.

In my opinion, I'd not waste money buying another fan. Use the limiter board with the stock CS2 fan if you are concerned about noise. It seems to perform just fine. Also, Noctua does sell a 5v 92mm fan which I thought was what I was buying, but I did not pay close enough attention when I was reading a post and matching specs on the noctua site and then onto the online retailer to buy it. The Noctua 5v version is the NF-A9 5V --- which appears like it would work well based on the specs on the Noctua site. The NF-A9 FLX is 12v, but works with lesser voltage just fine. Honestly, with the limiter board on the stock fan, temperatures are fairly well controlled for me so I see no need in replacing the fan anymore. 41*C average at idle (55* C or so under 10% to 20% load is fine too) is fine with me for now and the sound is acceptable (maybe I'd even say good). I would second the comment by 'odroid' user that you should try the stock fan first with/without the limiter before considering a different fan choice and spending your money.



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