One of the four Odroid C2 doesn't work as it should

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One of the four Odroid C2 doesn't work as it should

Post by Kady » Fri Apr 05, 2019 7:54 pm

Hi, I have a question. I own 4x odroid C2. I use all devices for digital signage screens. In all, eMMC is used with android and installed signage applications. One device crashed several times the entire system. I tryed flash android to the MicroSD card, it ran for about a week. Then MicroSD it was destroyed forever and can not be loaded anywhere. Several times eMMC has been flashed here, the system processes will start crashing and will not start. I always have to reflash after about a week. There is no problem with other 3 devices, they work as they should. I tryed another power supply, other cards, micro USB and jack power. Everything leads to the same result. The system is running for a while. Then it starts to mow. It gets worse until the result comes at all. The device is very unstable. I need some solution. This is one of the 4 devices used for the same purpose. I need it quite necessarily, I have to flash almost every week and I don't know how long it will go, before it is completely destroyed.

Thanks for the ideas

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Re: One of the four Odroid C2 doesn't work as it should

Post by odroid » Sat Apr 06, 2019 9:57 am

Let's try to narrow down root causes.

Any sudden power-off events could corrupt the file system in eMMC or SD cards.
SD card reliability is much worse than eMMC because Android OS has very frequently heavy file accesses.

Also check the power supply stability.
Please measure the voltage on 5V rail of the 40pin header with a DMM. It must be stable at 4.75~5.25 volt in the booting process. ... connectors

When you use the barrel jack for the power input, you have to remove the J1 jumper. ... tg_booting

Frankly speaking, we've been shipping over several hundreds of C2 board to a few digital signage manufacturers every month for recent three years.
But the hardware failure rate is very low.(less than 0.1%)

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