No/Weak Red LED with 3.5mm or USB OTG power

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No/Weak Red LED with 3.5mm or USB OTG power

Unread post by mikekau » Fri Nov 10, 2017 10:32 pm

Hi All,

I have an Odroid-C2, worked perfectly for 12 months.

Currently putting power on either the 3.5mm power socket or USB OTG either ends up with no response or very weak illumination of the red LED, no blue LED. With either connected about 1.4V can be measured across pins 2-6. No output through serial.

Putting +5V on 2 and 0v on 6 it will get to uboot (Solid high powered red LED and slow intermittent flash on the blue) and occasionally start booting linux through the mmc card (ubuntu, seen on the serial) but ends up in a constant reboot loop. The PSU I'm using at the moment across pin 2/6 can probably only supply about 500mA so I'm assuming that's the cause of the reboot loops, 2/6 varies between +4.4 and +4.8 at the time. I'm looking for a better supply to put across those pins to get a reliable boot.

I'm assuming there's a problem with the 5V rail with 3.5mm or USB OTG input, due to the fact it's either completely dark on the red LED or weak output probably a cap. Not looking for an RMA, just curious as to the possible cause of the failure to the 5v rail from the 3.5/USB power side, and also what is the best way to feed the 5V supply in assuming that's broken.

I'll be trying a higher amp 5V supply across 2/6 tomorrow but I'd love any help on how to condition it.

Normally I'd just buy another C2 but there seems to be a shortage at the moment :)


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Re: No/Weak Red LED with 3.5mm or USB OTG power

Unread post by mad_ady » Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:10 am

You should try powering it up via OTG port. It is possible that the power regulator is burned and you need to bypass it.
You can also try to reduce max_freq and max_cpu is boot.ini to boot with a lower amperage

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