C2 Direct Replacement

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C2 Direct Replacement

Post by sleepymicron »

Hello. Apologies if this is redundant or has already been addressed elsewhere on the forum... The main Hardkernel support email told me I should defer all inquiries to the forum.

I'm a novice to ODROID, but have an audio device that integrates a C2 via the J7 breakout pins, connecting it to a proprietary audio output board. The C2 itself is fitted with a eMMC card and effectively acts as an accessory to a Raspberry Pi running the device OS and connects to the C2 over TCPIP. The C2 is no longer functioning and I'm curious if any of the current line would be a drop-in replacement in this setup (i.e. the C4 or other models that outs-pec the C2). Alternately, if anyone is in the Asian Pacific region and knows where to source a C2, I'm all ears!

Again, apologies if this post violates the norms the forum, I'm merely posting as the suggestion of the HK email rep.

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Re: C2 Direct Replacement

Post by mad_ady »

The c4 should be an almost drop-in replacement. But it needs 12V, not 5V.

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