How to connect a VFD (Noritake GU140x32F-7806)

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How to connect a VFD (Noritake GU140x32F-7806)

Unread post by joeker » Thu Mar 14, 2019 11:23 pm

Hello everybody,
I would like to connect a Noritake GU140x32F-7806 graphical VFD-display ... dp/1495421 to my C2. My plan is, to use it as information display with Libreelec.

Now I'm a little bit confused about the wiring. The display has a serial and a parallel port. How is the best way (stable and library-supported ;) to connect it to my C2?

1. For RPIs it's suggested to connect it to GPIO pins. There are some GPIO pins available at the C2 board. Should I connect it like for the RPIs?
2. For Odroids I just found I2C as connection for LCDs, ... . (There are some "Serial-to-I2C"-converters available. Are they unisversal ones?) Is I2C the right kind of connection?
3. I found a "serial console port" ... Could I use this for a serial connection to my VFD display?

Any hint is welcome.

Thank you very much in advance,

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Re: How to connect a VFD (Noritake GU140x32F-7806)

Unread post by odroid » Mon Mar 18, 2019 11:15 am

Since the VFD display works with only 5Volt system, you need 10+ level shifters for GPIO 8bit parallel interface.
The 8bit parallel interface might be similar to our 3.5inch LCD connection. ... _schematic

You have to develop/port the display device driver for LibreELEC by yourself probably since we have no experience with the display.

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