Install Centos on your arm device

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Install Centos on your arm device

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Hello all

This is a simple guide to install centos on your arm device
1 you need a linux system on your device. you also need bash, curl, libarchive installed
2 you need rebuild your kernel with CONFIG_SYSVIPC and CONFIG_FHANDLE enabled
3 download scripts from
4 run centos-bootstrap dest_dir, the centos rootfs is in dest_dir after
5 replace rootfs

Be careful when you replace rootfs, the best way is replace it before system boot up

On amlogic device, the boot seq is :
1) boot kernel
2) mount init ramfs as rootfs
3) mount /dev/system to /mnt
4) chroot to mnt
5) /sbin/init

delete or rename /sbin/init, the boot seq will stop at 4), then replace your rootfs in /mnt

6 reboot, the selinux is enabled by default, the first boot is take long time to relabel filesystem

7 have fun with centos.

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