Armbian - USB ports are (still?) not working properly

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Armbian - USB ports are (still?) not working properly

Unread post by zanzibar » Sun Mar 10, 2019 9:52 pm


I have installed Armbian Debian Stretch Next (mainline kernel) on my Odroid C2 and updated to newest version(apt update & apt upgrade).
Everything works fine except USB ports.

I have USB LTE modem that is not recognized. I have tried "lsusb -v" but with this modem not works.
But when I connect USB keyboard first then "lsusb -v" and next I connect LTE modem and type "lsusb -v" then it's works.

I also tried connecting USB LTE modem before Odroid C2 boot but this workaround not working.

Is there any workaround which not involving connecting more than one USB device?

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