[OS] Manjaro ARM for OC2

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[OS] Manjaro ARM for OC2

Unread post by eunkenk » Fri Jan 04, 2019 1:51 am

Manjaro ARM (Arch) for Odroid C2:
Minimal Edition 18.12.1
LXQT Edition 18.12.1
KDE Edition 18.12.1



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Re: [OS] Manjaro ARM for OC2

Unread post by rooted » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:37 am

That's a nice development, thanks for the links.

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Re: [OS] Manjaro ARM for OC2

Unread post by Friendly Explorer » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:12 am

Thank you for the link to Manjaro ARM for the C2. Tried it, and the LXQT flavour works quite nice, offering lots of latest packages too.

Having conveniently discussed a detection problem of the ODROID HiFi Shield 2 on the Manjaro ARM forum , there seem to be patches missing that the Arch kernel (linux-odroid-c2) has.

If someone knows where to get some patches for a better hardware support, I'd be grateful if they could post it here or drop the friendly developers at Manjaro a note. Thanks in advance!

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