Flashing over ethernet

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Flashing over ethernet

Post by facotl »


Is that possible to flash a new image on eMMc over Ethernet ?

Without UART console (closed device) but I can access SSH of the previous install.

Thank you.

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Re: Flashing over ethernet

Post by mad_ady »

Not safely, but it's doable (as root)!
1. Install busybox on the c2 sudo apt-get install busybox
2. Copy the image to be flashed on an external storage (not emmc)
3. Copy /bin/busybox to /dev/shm (it needs to be mounted with exec privileges)
4. Test that busybox works /dev/shm/busybox ls
5. unxz /media/usb/image-name.img.xz
6.mount -o remount,ro / to prevent writing to emmc
7. /dev/shm/busybox dd if=/media/usb/image-name.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M
8. /dev/shm/busybox reboot -f
9. Pray/profit!

If possible, try these steps on a test device first!

It's not directly over ethernet, but you could use instead of local storage some network storage (like nfs/sshfs). Or, if it fits, try copying the unzipped image to /dev/shm. Or if the xz image fits in /dev/shm, you can unxz it while you're writing it with some pipe magic.

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