USB soundcard doesn't work when the webcam is connected

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USB soundcard doesn't work when the webcam is connected

Unread post by mbensalem » Sat Feb 28, 2015 1:07 am

Hello guys,

We're using the ODROID-C1 board for a robotics project with some video conferencing capabilities. We use the USB soundcard and
webcam from your website. The issue is when the webcam is connected we don't have any sound output. This sounds similar to this post

The workaround of waiting the full booting of Android is not applicable since the user don't have access to the USB connections.
The second workaround didn't work, I tried even the USB OTG port without any success. The OS image I'm using is v1.1, tried also

Is there any fixes or more workarounds for this ?
It seems a conflict with the webcam mic and the USB soundcard, we are OK if there's a way to completely blacklist all audio inputs, the most
important for us, for now, is really the audio output through the USB soundcard and video streaming through the webcam.

Best regards,

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