Publish your ODROID-C1 projects and articles (free gifts!)

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Publish your ODROID-C1 projects and articles (free gifts!)

Unread post by robroy » Thu Dec 25, 2014 3:20 pm

Do you have an interesting project that you've created for your ODROID-C1, such as a cool software application or awesome hardware integration, that you'd like to share with the ODROID community?

ODROID Magazine, with a monthly readership of over 15,000 computer enthusiasts, provides an open publishing platform for inventors, software developers, teachers, tinkerers, and others who have discovered a unique way to use their ODROID. Many of our columnists have been with us since the first issue, and we are always looking for new contributors on a per-article basis as well as those who wish to publish a long-term series on a particular subject.

Some examples of popular topics include:
  • - Robotics
    - Software Development
    - Home Automation
    - 3D Printing
    - Linux Basics
    - Gaming
    - Music
    - Hacking
    - Hardware Tinkering
    - Weather Applications

Article submission is easy - just send an email to odroidmagazine (at), and describe your proposed topic. Guidelines for articles are posted at

Best of all, you can earn rewards and vouchers for Hardkernel products such as peripherals, free shipping, and complimentary hardware such as an ODROID-XU3, ODROID-C1, ODROID-VU or 64GB eMMC module at no cost!
Rob Roy, Editor-in-Chief of ODROID Magazine (submit an article | make a donation)

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