Odroid C1 and mainline USB support?

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Odroid C1 and mainline USB support?

Unread postby T_X » Sat Sep 16, 2017 2:48 am


Since the S805 and S905 seems to progress quite well in the mainline Linux kernel, I tried giving an Odroid C1+ with a v4.13+ kernel a try.

Looking at the schematics, the USB part between the Odroid C1 and Odroid C2 looks quite similar and for the latter there seems to be USB support in the vanilla kernel already. So I had a little closer look at what might be missing.

I basically ended up copying the following two commits for the Odroid C2 DTS file to the C1 one:

That got me a good leap further for the Odroid C1, the USB hubs showed up in lsusb! And it seems that the initrd even detected the rootfs on the USB stick and started to further boot with systemd:


However, there are several error messages ("phy phy-c1108800.phy.0: phy poweron failed --> -22", "usb 1-1-port3: cannot reset (err = -110)") and ultimately, systemd aborts due to IO errors.

It feels like only some small changes might be missing to get USB support for the Odroid C1 into the mainline kernel. Any Hardkernel developer around who might have an idea what is going wrong/missing?


PS: Or are the Hardkernel developers on the Linux-Amlogic mailing list too, should I just ask there?
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