Unable to locate ethernet-connected Camera in latest batch

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Unable to locate ethernet-connected Camera in latest batch

Unread postby metehan_eoi » Tue Oct 31, 2017 9:14 am

Hello Odroid Community,

I'm trying to get the latest batch of C1+ boards to work with an camera that is connected via ethernet. The interesting part of this phenomena, is that I was previously able to get these boards to connect with the last batch of C1+ boards, however with my new batch of boards, none of them work, even when I have swapped out the eMMC cards from the old-working boards into the new non-working boards. Since the problem cannot be an OS/software/firmware problem due to the fact that the old-working eMMC cards don't work with the new boards, any idea as to what could be causing this except faulty hardware (which I doubt, because none of the new-batch boards work, and a yield of 4% is unbelievably low)

Edit: This problem only occurs with in batches that are newer than June 2015, however does not exist in batches made on June 2015, or earlier.

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Re: Unable to locate ethernet-connected Camera in latest bat

Unread postby tobetter » Tue Oct 31, 2017 11:01 am

If the problem is IP camera cannot be connected from C1+, isn't it caused by H/W MAC address? Maybe MAC is blocked or IP address is not assignable? Other than that, I am not seeing the problem that causes IP camera connection problem...
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