Odroid VU Monitor doesnt work

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Odroid VU Monitor doesnt work

Post by aligoglos »

I've bought ODROID XU3 with some accessories like : https://www.hardkernel.com/shop/odroid-vu/ but now nearly after 1 year monitor doesn't work anymore (when I connect different devices like odroid it is black screen on 5 voltage and when plug below than 5 it began to flash, mean just back light flash but it doesn't any data ), I know a little about electronic and check board of monitor and understood none of part broken because all parts had normal temperature and I also check voltage in different parts but everything seemed good, So I figured out might the program of IC memory cleaned and need to rewrite again.
Please give the IC program to write on it thanks.

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Re: Odroid VU Monitor doesnt work

Post by mad_ady »

You can try to connect hdmi to a different signal source and see if it works or if it picks up the correct resolution.

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