ODROID-C2 Out of Stock

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ODROID-C2 Out of Stock

Unread postby odroid » Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:25 pm

ODROID-C2 is out of stock now.
We expect to restart selling from the middle of March. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

The DRAM is extremely shortage these days. We placed a DRAM order for this month production 12 weeks ago and expected to receive it in the middle of January.
But the vendor has failed to deliver it as of today, 8th of February. We do not have any inventory left after fulfilling the existing orders.
We will do our best to resume it earlier. Thank you for your understanding.
I heard some distributors and resellers still have stock.

Another bad news is the DRAM price has been rising a lot for several months.
When we compared it with last August, it is almost double now.
So we have to raise the ODROID C1/C2 board price in March because we can't absorb it anymore.
The price will be confirmed when the DRAM supplier updates the DRAM price.
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